RRK Seismic Bracing Kit 3/8"

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Badger RRK-3/8 Retrofit Rigid Bracing Kit
RRK Rigid Bracing Installation Detail
RRK Seismic Bracing Kit 3/8"
RRK Seismic Bracing Kit 3/8"
RRK Seismic Bracing Kit 3/8"
RRK Seismic Bracing Kit 3/8"
RRK Installation Detail Trapeze Conduit
RRK Seismic Bracing Kit 3/8"

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Badger RRK Kit - 3/8"

Retrofit Seismic Bracing Kit for Trapeze Hangers on 3/8" Threaded Rod

On the City of Los Angeles (COLA) Approved Products List
LARR 26090

The most cost-effective and user-friendly seismic bracing kit for suspended trapeze or equipment applications
  • Uses EMT conduit or strut as the rigid brace arm
  • Can be assembled with a battery drill
  • Visual Inspection Compliant

Each Kit Contains:
  • 1 Upper Connection Bracket with 1/2" and 5/8" holes for use with concrete anchors or bolted connections
  • 1 Lower Connection Bracket with Retrofit Washer sized to fit 3/8" diameter all threaded rods (**For other rod sizes order one of our other specific kits sized for that rod diameter.)
  • 4 Galvanized Self-Tapping Screws for connection of brace arm (EMT conduit or strut)

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