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SBC158-C (with Cup Point Spacer)

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Badger SBC158-C Steel Beam Clamp
SBC158 Seismic Bracing Beam Clamp Installed with Fire Proofing on Steel Beam
SBC158-C Seismic Steel Beam Clamp How to Install on Fireproofed Beam
SBC158-C Seismic Bracing Steel Beam Clamp Installation Detail
SBC158-C (with Cup Point Spacer)
SBC158-C (with Cup Point Spacer)
SBC158-C Seismic Brace Detail
SBC158-C Installed as Seismic Brace on Beam

Price $14.79 each

Each quantity count of 1 = 20 Clamps

Minimum order 20, sold in boxes of 20 each

Badger Industries SBC158-C

Steel Beam Clamp with Cup Point Spacer for Seismic Bracing

On the City of Los Angeles (COLA) Approved Products List
LARR 26090

  • 50% or More Labor Savings
  • Works on Plain and Fire-Proofed Beams
  • Code Compliant for Seismic Brace Connections to Steel Beams
  • Torque-Off Hex Nut for fast and easy field installation
  • Fits steel beam flanges up to 1-1/4" thickness
  • Visual Inspection Compliant

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